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Participation in the Asbestos & Lead Poisoning Prevention Association is voluntary.

Of course, efforts to contact legislators and regulators and advocate for policies which will lessen exposures to asbestos and/or lead and help & protect the businesses of the best asbestos & lead industry companies are not free, so funds will be raised on a project by project basis, and participants will be asked to assist with efforts such as mailings, testifying, and visiting regulators and legislators.

To join, please send a letter on your letterhead outlining why you consider your company to be one of the best consulting, analytical, contracting, or training companies in our industry. What experience, policies, and practices make your organization superior? Send it to:

Asbestos & Lead Poisoning Prevention Association
23478 Sandstone
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

The Asbestos & Lead Poisoning Prevention Association:

Advocates vigorous enforcement of existing asbestos and lead regulations to prevent poisonings and to remove the price advantage contractors who ignore the regulations have over those who comply to protect their employees and building occupants.     

Will advocate for mandatory asbestos and lead inspections so that assumptions and guesses would be replaced with facts to help reduce poisonings by allowing everyone to focus on asbestos and lead-based paint where they are actually present;

Agrees that contractors should not be caught between potential heavy fines, or losing work to competitors who ignore the laws and regulations due to lack of owner inspection requirements in laws and regulations, as owners should be responsible for their buildings;

Will oppose efforts to lower the definition of lead-based paint below 1.0 milligrams per cubic centimeter, as it creates disincentives for inspections, so therefore harms lead consulting professionals and may well therefore increase poisonings;

Will act to discourage inappropriate use of “point counting” on nonfriable materials;

Will oppose all efforts to lower the definition of lead-based paint to a level so low that XRF inspections would no longer be practical, as that would all but destroy the lead consulting industry, and therefore increase lead poisonings;

Will oppose use of field chemical lead “test kits” for anything but testing of pottery cookware and dishes.